Born in 1967 Camerino, Italy. He lives and works in Siena and Berlin. Over the past ten years Bernardo Giorgi has developed a multifaceted work (Borders Project) on the concept of territorial and cultural borders observed and analysed from a dual perspective: on the one hand, a theoretical evaluation based on a careful study of the maps that he has picked up on his numerous trips abroad; and on the other, a candid exploration of geopolitical issues and of the identity of the places which he has visited. The projects, in which the artist establishes a direct rapport with the territory and its people (Borders of Eden, 2004/2006 – Transiberiana, 2005) are spawned by a need to explore the network of invisible relationships and symbolic structures shared by those who live in border areas – ambivalent and complex situations that can only be understood through direct experience. Thus the artist needs to undertake the experience of travel in the first person. Travelling not only alters the perspective of a person’s observations, it is also, and above all, a tool for exploration used to penetrate the living experience of an area, a fully-fledged performance capable of triggering participation, of establishing relationships and of opening up paths of communication. Giorgi activates communities with his presence, interviewing, photographing and constructing moments for communication to enable him to gather material with which to then build up his identity maps. His interest in the relationship between man and the environment and in the way in which these two players influence one another are elements that recur also in a project devoted to the borders between city neighbourhoods (Patterns 2004/2005). The perimeter of squares, of streets or of entire neighbourhoods with strongly individual charateristics in Turin and in Kostrzyn (Poland) are the basis on which he develops paper patterns. The clothes made from these patterns are a transposition of the city’s fabric that offers a visual map linking the human body and the territory.



Rheine, Germany 1975. The work of Chryssa Tsampazi has involved in the last five years different expressive techniques: performance, video and installation. She creates situations that underline the contradictions of specific economic, social and political dynamics, often in relation to identity, gender and social class. For this purpose she has used the methodology of the conceptual theatre, where the direction is based on a series of instructions. She studies theatre at the School of theatre of Athens before receiving a MFA at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. She has exposed at Sullivan Gallery, Betty Rymer Gallery – Chicago, Chicago Cultural Center and Fallout Gallery of Minneapolis. At the Athens Biennal, Art-Athina, Centro Bios always in Athens and in the Sophiensaele in Berlin. Co-founder of the performance group ShiftyTongue with the artist Vassiliea Stylianidou.



1982, Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated in Architecture at Belgrade University with chosen group of subjects History and Theory of Architecture and Arts in 2008. Belgrade has always been his true inspiration, and for his works he also finds inspiration in the surroundings of different cities and spaces. He focuses on contemporary issues of the cities and the society, their mutual interaction and visually researches different the possibilities of architecture, its presentation and also relation and effects to the people. He is working as a freelancer with professional architectural work combined with research in contemporary architecture and eco design. Active as art and architecture guide for beo_project tours, among other exhibitions participated 34 Salon of Architecture 2012, Belgrade Design Week 2010, 2012, Month of Performance Art in Berlin 2013, Alto fest, Napoli, 2014.



1972 Turin, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin. After her studies in the Academy of Arts in Turin she worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art Castello di Rivoli in Turin, for the educational department. In 2000 she moved to Berlin bringing forward her artistic practice, presented nowadays in solo and group exhibition on a international level. In 2008 she terminated the Master in Art in Context by the University of the Arts in Berlin. Her work can be described as multidisciplinary: the conceptual process is deeply connected with the visual or tangible playing on a wide spectrum of media among which are video, photography, writing, drawing. The relationships between reality and enactment. fiction and fact are the elements she uses to experiment with the plausibility of the stories, the identities related to them and which kind of information we need to trust the narrator. Through her interest to the participative work, she is active in different artistic groups and works as curator of Hydromemories: an interdisciplinary project on the theme of water, which concretely supports the constructions of water wells in Africa.



Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegowina 1982. She moved to Berlin, where she lives and works, after the conflict that had involved the states of the ex Jugoslavia. Her research starts from here: a very deep research about her individual experience both in the contest of the Yugoslavian socialism and family dynamics during the war. Her painting cycles of big dimensions and clear strokes describe huge parades and “Days of Youth”. Through the colors, white, black and grey, we can perceive the induced subordination and the loss of the individual in the big regime crowds of people. Her installations also link her experiences to the political history. In a series of work important historical structures, that have been destroyed or demolished, are reconstructed. In some dedicated self-portrait she plays the role of the benefactor who keeps the models of those buildings in her arms. She graduates in 2009 and then she gets a Master in Visual Art in 2011 at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. She won many important prizes. Among them the Elsa Neumann Award of the State Berlin.



Born in Belgrade, 1982, graduated in painting from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, and received her Master in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in London. She is now finishing her PhD studies in Multimedia Arts at University of Arts in Belgrade. Iva’s work has been shown internationally in various solo and group exhibitions, art and film festivals (Kassel Documentary Film Fesitval, 24. European Media Art Festival, MADATAC 3, CologneOFF exDox, QUEST EUROPE 9, EspacioEnter Festival, etc.) at the institutions including Reina Sofia Museum, Center for Conteporary Art Tibilisi, FICA Foundation, Museum della Permanente, Luciano Benetton Foundation, etc. She was the finalist of several art prizes (The School of Happiness Award VIENNAFAIR, Cairo 12, Nis Art Foundation Award, etc) and won the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Award for “Best Open Project”. Iva had studio residency at The Woodmill Project in London, and was the finalist of the AIR public-art project “Le Cité des Curiosités” in Marseille. She has participanted in several workshops: Fundacion Telefonica in Madrid (upcoming), VISIO European Workshop for Artist’s Cinema in Florence, Program Europe 2014-2020 in Belgrade. Beside her art practice, Iva has been involved in several curatorial projects: Collaboration_7 (Belgrade/Munich) organised by Munich-based art collective Collaboration_ and sponsored by IFA Institute for Foreign Relations Germany; MARATHON/ online platform for promotion of contemporary art curated together with Italian artist Lucia Barbagallo; Festival of Contemporary Serbian Film in Madrid organised by Cultural Association Ivo Andric and supported Serbian Ministry of Culture (upcoming), where she is the program coordinator. Iva is a member of ULUS – Association of Visual Artists of Serbia. Currently, she lives and works in Madrid.



 After her studies in the Academy of Arts in Thessaloniki (Greece), she moves to Valencia (Spain), where she attends the Academy of Arts. In 2004 she moves to Barcelona where she obtains a Master in studies and projects for the visual culture at the University of Barcelona. From 2006 till 2008 she is coordinator of the XIII BJCEM Biennial. Since then she focuses her work on the creation of events and workshops for gender politics, feminism and identity. She takes part to the first and second edition of Muestra Marrana – Festival of the post-pornographic cinema, and she is part of the direction of La Culo magazine (feminist queer review, Barcelona, 2009). She lives in Berlin, place that has encouraged her research about the migrant community, questioning about the meaning of home, community, identity and belonging has in our time. And about the way the global circulation of culture, individuals and capitals show in the era of migrations. Very interesting the elaboration of a personal cartography that underlines the places of intellectual expansions and the places of cultural resistance. She analyzes the dynamics that lead through narrative processes opposing to the notion of what is supposed to be called identity. Her language is mostly body and performance. The performance has the purpose to draw and redefine the limits between private and public.



Sondrio, Italy 1976. He studied architecture before moving to Berlin in 1999 where  he got the bachelor and could concentrate on his painting work. Seduced by the complex space and structure of the city he has developed, thanks also to his innate curiosity, a passion for the exploration as discovery of places and challenge of one’s own limits. His paintings focus on the relation between the human figure and the spatial contest. Influenced by the rules of architecture, theater interactivity, and the dynamics of cinema, he has developed a language and a composition that aim at provoking a dialogue with the viewer. Since 1999 he takes part to different collective shows in Italy and Germany. His first solo show in Berlin was in 2001. In 2011 he presents the solo show Endeavour, curated by Gianluca Ranzi, for Fondazione Mudima in Milan and Some I murder – Some I let go in Berlin.



Pavia, Italy 1978. She graduates at the Academy of Arts Brera Milan in 2001. Afterwards she moves to Berlin where she lives and works. The dynamism and transitoriness of the city strike her and influence her artistic research that focuses mostly on the mechanisms of the territory mutation and specifically of the places and spaces around. The result of her works, formally essential, is consequential to a clever practice that takes into consideration the complexity of the involved principles. We can find the same linearity in the media used by the artist: drawing or embroideries that become sophisticated animation videos. She has exhibited in several galleries, non-profit spaces and institutions in Italy and abroad. Among the seminars and residencies in which she participated: “Habitat#1” Clang, Scicli, Sicily 2013 . “Generations” ECF pilot project organized by Intercultural Consult and Tranzit, Sofia, Bulgaria 2012. “Mobility and Movement” Intercultural Consult, Byala, Bulgaria 2011. “Advanced Course in Visual Arts” Ratti Foundation, Como, Italy 2009 . “Art/Lab. Artistic residencies in San Servolo” Venice, Italy 2005. Residence at the Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echange des Récollets, Paris 2003.



Sandra Božić is a freelance architect from Belgrade. Her professional work is based on architectural and art installations, interior design and performance art. She participated numerous festivals performance art, architectural competitions, collaborated on exhibitions, projects and different installations and ecological design. She participated international exhibitions, conferences and festivals with her projects, installations and performance art in Berlin, Hannover, Belgrade and Napoles. She realized several personal exhibitions.



Silvia Giambrone was born in 1981 in Agrigento. Lives and works in Rome. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (2002-2006). She has held residencies throughout Italy and Europe over the past four years. Giambrone, who both lives and works in Rome, is also the co-founder of the 26cc artist space in Rome. She uses conceptual art to illustrate her own social commentary with a keen focus on gender politics. Some of her exhibitions include: Pandora’s Box, CCCB Museum, Madrid (2009); Eurasia, Mart Museum, Rovereto (2009); Qui vive? Moscow Biennale of young artists (2010); Under a false name, Spazio13 Foundation, Warsaw (2011); Giornata del contemporaneo, Palazzo Riso Museum, Palermo (2011); Poetics of relation, Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery, Rovereto (2011); Flyers, Oncena Biennal de la Havana (2012); Re-generation, Macro Museum, Roma (2012); The slaves’s free empire, Doppelgaenger Gallery, Bari(2012); Autoritratti. Iscrizioni del femminile nell’arte italiana contemporanea, MAMbo, Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna(2013); Mediterranea 6(2013); Main Prize of the Kaunas Bienale Unitext (2013); Let it go, American Academy in Rome (2013), Let it go, Riso Museum, Palermo (2014).



Born1989 Novi Sad. Current interest, through personal reflections, lies and subversion from within, are shown as the facticity of error which create an absurd whole, as a break in which relations between power and art suddenly become visible and meaningless. Created narratives are reflection of a social fiction and they question the responsibility of an image. With analytical approach, continuous and systematic reduction within (various) media, there is a search for forms that are metalinguistic, to step aside and react to the existing state, by collecting and reorganising insights in individual and social action. Winner of the 2012 Mangelos Award. One day owner of “Vladislav Ribnikar” award for 2011. In period of 2009-2013 has taken part in all actions of the Art Clinic, and since 2014 is curator of Šok gallery.



Born in Clusone, Italy, 1977. She lives and works between Bergamo (Italy) and Berlin. Her artistic research investigates the change and the modes of perception of the same with the intention of breaking through the visual experience those circuits that are created through repetition. The trespassing, the connection and interaction between public and private space and the relationship with the current world are the main objects of study, to intervene with the look in reality, dealing with its modifications and trying to understand the related problems. Since 2005 she is interested in the relation between art and associationism, founding and collaborating with different realities and platforms that are particularly attentive to certain themes considered relevant, such as mobility, resource sharing, creative aggregation and sustainability, among which the cultural Association 22e37 and the Sharing Studio project. Selected solo exhibitions: in 2012 Infiltrations, VBM 20.10, Berlin and Carpeting the ceiling, Zajia lab, Beijing. In 2010: Between two points, Refugium 2 c/o Galerie Weisser Elefant, Berlin. Selected collettive exhibitions: in 2013 How Lonely Does It Get?DoDummDummDummDaDoDummDumm, BlackBridgeOffSpace, curated by Frederik Foert, Beijing and Schwarzer Hund, CORPO 6, curated by Fabio Campagna, Berlin. In 2012 Orientations, tamtam ART, Berlin and Künstler Salon Murid Bosh, Berlin. In 2010 Elements Cuisine, curated by Imrich Kovacs and Csilla Nagy, Galanta, Slovakia. In 2009 Pandora’s Boxes. Mujeres/Arte/Hoy, CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona, curated by La Santa, Spain and Scacco alla Regina, Galleria A+A, curated by Zara Audiello, Marta Ferretti, Silvia Giorgetti, Venice.



1965 Albstadt-Truchtelfingen. “Art touches people, art reaches people. I make art because I want to play and engage people. I can communicate without words. This is an advantage”. Stefanie began as a painter, her paintings of intense colors on canvas or hardboard, reflect the artist’s desire to experiment. Her works use different means: photography, video art, installations and performance. She achieved the Social Studies at the Berufsakademie Villingen in 1989. In 2006 four months of residency in Social Services in Scranton, USA, and in 2009 a month in residence on the Campus of the Arts in Bushwick Studios, New York, USA. In 2012, in New York for a residence of two months in Art and Art Therapy. Numerous exhibitions and performances, including the latest in 2013 “Zeitfenster” performance of Mahela Rostek, “Frühlingserwachen”, Neukölln in Berlin and the exhibition “Home” at Nothaft und Seidel in Berlin. In 2012, “Transitions” thesis of the course of Art Therapy in Weissensee, Germany; “JJ & SS”, Gallery Ken Marquis in Scranton in the U.S.A. In 2011, “SNOWBALL” Kaleidoskop Galerie in Berlin, “Review of performance”, at the Kunsthalle Hamburger Platz in Berlin.



(1975, Friedrichshafen. She graduates in 2003 in HfG Offenbach (Diploma experimental space concepts) at Fine Art, and then she gets a Master in Art in Context, Intitute of Art in Context in 2007 at the University of the Arts, Berlin. She takes part to different collective shows: 2012 “One for one”, Hydromemories, Museo regionale di scienze naturali, Torino, “DU ZUERST”, Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg, Berlin, “A BOOK ABOUT” NGBK, Berlin. She won many important prizes. Among them in 2011 “DU ZUERST”, Kulturprojekte in Berlin and in 2011 “A BOOK ABOUT”, IFA, at 2nd Ghetto BIENNALE in Haiti. Silke Bauer work takes on the controversies between an ideal situation and everydaylife, shifting between play and reality to mediatate art through individual experience. Her installations and interventions are interactive and investigate the relationship between life and art. Silke is member of the artist collective „Schmalclub“.



1973 München. Lives and works in Berlin. She graduates in 1997 in Painting & Printmaking at Fine Art, Bellas Artes, Barcelona. In 1999 in Visual Communication, Media, FH Augburg and in 2008 a Master in Art in Context, Intitute of Art in Context, University of the Arts, Berlin. She takes part to different collective shows: 2012 “One for one”, Hydromemories, Museo regionale di scienze naturali, Torino, “Nuit Blanche”, Bétonsalon, Paris, “Coeur de Silex”, La Galerie Centre d’art contemporain, Noisy-Le-Sec, Paris, “DU ZUERST”, Nach- barschaftsheim Schöneberg, Berlin, “A BOOK ABOUT” NGBK, Berlin. Winner of many important prizes. Among them: 2013 “DÉJA VU”, Kulturprojekte Berlin, 2011 “DU ZUERST”, Kulturprojekte in Berlin and in 2011 “A BOOK ABOUT”, IFA, at 2nd Ghetto BIENNALE in Haiti. Viola Thiele works interdisciplinary between art and pop-culture. She is member of the artist duo „Mosh-Mosh“, performative group of electronic music.


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